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The Floating Top Desk

An AWC Signature Design

The floating desk made from river recovered pine, cherry, and black walnut combines elements from three centuries of furniture design to create a unique, eclectic work space. The basic eight-leg frame often seen in eighteenth and nineteenth century pieces is coupled with bold exposed joinery of the twentieth century, and capped with a modern flare by "floating" the top. This raised work surface not only makes a statement and differentiates this desk from similar styles, but opens up many functional possibilities. A slide out work area can be incorporated into the space under the top so the user or their client sitting opposite might have a laptop or note taking area. One might store their leather writing pad there or just leave the space as an aesthetic, catching the eye of people walking into the office.

This piece can be made live-edge or square-edge, executive size or personal home office size, and could be made of almost any wood, although the sinker pine with its rich colors adds an exclamation point to a beautiful creation. All the drawer runners and kickers are made from cherry and there are some 162 pairs of hand-cut dovetails. Even the drawer pulls are hand made from black walnut.

River Recovered Pine Desk with Floating Top

Writing Desk

Standard Top Desk

Pipe Frame Desk

Standing Desk

Every piece has a story to tell. What story will your piece have?

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